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Join the Growth Revolution with Vivocon Technologies - Become a Distribution Partner!

Are you an ambitious distributor looking to be a part of cutting-edge innovation? Do you share the vision of fostering growth through disruptive technologies ? At Vivocon Technologies, we focus on converting the disruptive lab scale technologies into commercial products with high socio-economic impact. Partnering with Vivocon can significantly enhance the growth and success of your distribution business for several compelling reasons:


Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

By partnering with Vivocon, distributors gain access to innovative lab-scale technologies that have the potential to disrupt industries and create high socio-economic impact. These technologies are developed in collaboration with prestigious institutes like IITs and NIPERs, ensuring credibility and scientific rigor.


Proven R&D Expertise

Vivocon boasts in-house research and development capabilities, meaning that the technologies and products you distribute are backed by robust scientific research and technological expertise. This enhances your reputation as a distributor of high-quality and reliable products.


Strong Manufacturing and Cost Optimization

Vivocon places a strong emphasis on scaling up manufacturing processes and reducing production costs. As a distributor partner, you benefit from the company's dedication to optimizing production, resulting in competitive pricing and better margins for your business


Market Adoption Strategies

Vivocon doesn't just stop at product development; we also offer personalized strategies for sales and distribution. This includes concept selling and tailored marketing strategies that help accelerate the market adoption of the products and services you distribute, reducing your time-to-market and increasing your revenue potential.


Credibility and Reputation

Partnering with Vivocon elevates your reputation as a distributor by aligning your brand with a pioneering company that has a strong track record of successfully commercializing lab-scale technologies and driving market adoption.


Long-Term Growth Potential

As disruptive technologies gain traction and become established in the market, your distributorship stands to benefit from long-term growth and sustainability. By being an early adopter and distributor of these technologies, you position yourself for success in emerging markets.


Let’s open doors to exciting new possibilities in the rapidly evolving landscape of disruptive technologies.

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